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The Next Generation In Pipeline Construction Projects: ZetaCAD

As a Tekhnelogos brand, Zetacad is an artificial intelligence based software for the automatic design, calculation and control of Natural gas Pipeline Projects with the architectural floor plan. Zetacad, working in all MS Windows platforms, provides a powerful vectoral project design environment to the users to build up a technically correct project. In this environment, with the intelligent engineering tools that lead the user, an engineer can easily design the floor plan and place the pipeline, and complete all the operations on the project automatically. The file format in Zetacad is based on another patent of Tekhnelogos E-project that provides minor file dimensions and a technical control procedure either in the office desktop pc or in the distributed web digital project control processes. You can think Zetacad as a part of a digital project control system (DIPOS) as well as a standalone independent CAD software.

But Zetacad is not ordinary CAD software, but a strictly-defined design software and a specific design environment for architectural plans and pipeline constructions. The website content is in Turkish, but the visual material can help you to get more view on Zetacad. Start exploring the content with the following links.

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